Pediatric Rehab Care for the Tri-State Area



Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a great way to increase your child’s strength and mobility while helping them develop....

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapists focus on strengthening your child’s verbal and nonverbal communication through play....

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy can help children develop their sensory, visual, and fine motor skills. If your child is experiencing....

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Excellence Rehab specializes in pediatric rehabilitation services, and we are experts in what we do. Using evidence-based practices and hands-on care, we work with children one-on-one to promote healthy recovery and achieve their mobility goals. Located in the heart of the tri-state, we are proud to serve communities in the New York and New Jersey areas. 

Rehabilitation Services


Hands-On Rehabilitation Services

At Excellence Rehab, we believe in providing services that help your child achieve the best physical health possible. Our trained staff offers physical, speech, and occupational therapy for children of varying abilities and skill levels from birth to adolescence.

Patient-Focused Care & Treatment

If you’re looking for a compassionate, expert, and dedicated physical therapy practice in the Tri-State Area, you’re in the right place. When you enter the Excellence Rehab facility, you will immediately notice that we value our patients’ needs – creating an environment where recovery is not a scary process. Our therapists work one-on-one with each patient to determine a treatment plan that is targeted specifically to the issues they are experiencing.

We look forward to working with you, your child, and your family to start the recovery process!