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Benefits Of Starting PT At A Young Age

Most people are familiar with physical therapy and how it helps patients recover from injuries, but what most don’t know is that young children can benefit from physical therapy as well. PT is beneficial to people of all ages. The early stages of life are vital in forming the proper posture, balance, coordination, and strength used to hone motor skills. Here are a few of the benefits of pediatric physical therapy and how they can aid in the development of your child.

Prevent Frequent Falls

Do you notice your child falling frequently during playtime or running around the house? If this falling has become a safety concern, consulting a physical therapist could help. After conducting a thorough evaluation of your child, a physical therapist will be able to determine the underlying causes and develop a treatment plan so that your child can stay upright while they learn to use their bodies.  

Correct Abnormal Muscle Tone

Have you noticed your child frequently slouching? Do they seem to move in a rigid or uncoordinated manner? If so, your child may have either a high or low muscle tone, which can affect the way we learn to move. Physical therapists specialize in addressing conditions such as these. Once the therapist has evaluated your child, they can help tight muscles relax and stretch, or strengthen muscles with low tone. Correcting these muscle imbalances is crucial to developing motor function and fixing postural imbalances.

Stop Toe Walking Early

If you have noticed your child walking on their tip toes, it is easy to write it off as a cute childish tendency. What may at first appear as a harmless habit can become a problem later down the road. Walking on your toes too much at such a young age can adversely affect the alignment of your muscles as they grow. To combat this improper alignment, physical therapists provide stretching routines and strengthening exercises to shift your muscle alignment to where it needs to be. If needed, they can also provide braces to help your child walk with their feet flat on the ground.

Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is a difficult skill to develop. Though the majority of hand-eye coordination develops between the ages of 6 and 9, it is important to form a solid foundation for your child to build off of. If you notice that your child is clumsier than their peers or they have difficulty jumping, skipping, and pedaling a bike, physical therapy can get your child back on track. Some children have difficulty simultaneously using their arms and legs or the left and right sides of their bodies. Physical therapy can help with this as well.

Children’s Rehabilitation Services Near Me

The early stages of life are crucial when it comes to proper development. Here at Excellence Rehab, we provide one on one physical, occupational and speech therapy. Our pediatric center and staff promote healing in a fun and energetic environment. To learn more about Excellence Rehab and the services we provide, give us a call or schedule an appointment online.