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4 Tips To Get Your Toddler Walking Early

Watching your child take their first steps is one of the most exciting milestones of early parenthood. There are several stages that children go through before they take their first steps. Sitting, crawling, pulling up and standing are the building blocks that help your child develop the strength and dexterity they need to take their first steps. All babies develop at their own pace, but there are various ways that you can help your child get on their feet as soon as possible. Follow these four tips to get your toddler to walk early

Stool Sits Exercise 

Once your baby can sit up on its own, have them sit on a baby-sized stool to begin this exercise. Choose a chair that has no backrest so that they can train their back muscles to support them in the upright position. Once they are sitting up on the stool, their feet should rest comfortably on the ground in front of them so that they can push against it for balance. Once they are in the proper sitting position, place a toy at their feet and have them bend over and pick it up. You can place the toy in various spots around the stool to help strengthen different sides of the body. By bending down to pick up the toy, the baby will learn to use their feet to push off the ground, keeping their body upright. This exercise strengthens your baby’s legs, back, and shoulder muscles.

Keep Your Baby Barefoot

 While protection and cleanliness are important to take into account when you are taking care of small children, having your baby wear shoes can have an impact on how they learn to walk. According to the experts, keeping your baby barefoot helps them feel the surface of the floor and develop good walking posture. Learning to stand up with little support helps develop the muscles they will need to take their first steps later.

Give Them a Reason to Move

Placing your baby’s toys just out of reach or holding something for them to come and get from you is a good way to get your baby moving around. Some studies suggest that playing music with a simple beat can help babies hone their motor skills and take their first steps. Next time you want to work on developing those skills with your child, turn on some tunes and get some toys. After just a handful of sessions, you should notice your baby moving around with less trouble.

Show Them What To Do

Visual aids are great tools for teaching people of all ages, and babies are no exception. Try showing your baby how to stand up straight and take steps ahead. Babies are quick learners, and a good demonstration can go a long way. Holding their hand or arm as they try to walk can help motivate them and give them the reassurance they need to keep at it.

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