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Learning To Crawl Safely

Learning To Crawl Safely

Crawling is a milestone that many children reach at around 7-9 months old. It is a motor skill that requires strength and coordination as they learn to bear their weight on their forearms. It can be an exciting thing to witness as a parent but at the same time quite scary. Your once stationary child is now on the move and able to get into everything. 

Luckily there are a number of pediatric therapy services that caregivers can implement to ensure that their child is learning to crawl safely. 

Safe Tummy Time

The first thing you’ll want to do when teaching a child to crawl is limiting their time spent in walkers or car seats. You want to encourage more tummy time as babies love to play on their stomachs and their curious minds will want to explore the world around them. If you are able to, getting on your tummy as well during this time can be beneficial and allow your child to feel more comfortable. 

You’ll want to ensure that their space is free and clear of any objects that could injure them. Clean up any small items that they can easily get ahold of and accidentally swallow. Invest in soft corner guards and cabinet locks. Once your baby starts moving they don’t stop and it’s important that they do so in a safe environment. 

Physical Therapy for Children

Now there are many physical therapy tools caregivers can use when teaching their child to crawl. 

One of them is encouraging upper body weight bearing. We know that before a baby can learn to crawl they must first learn how to support themselves on their forearms and lifting their head. Try taking an exercise ball and placing your baby on their stomachs while holding their sides. This will encourage them to use their neck muscles and hold themselves up. They might also even use their arms to sit up during this time. This exercise increases a child’s strength and gives them more control over their movements. 

Another way in which physical therapy can help a child learn to crawl safely, is using a foam roller to encourage quadruped sitting. This technique allows your child to sit on their hands and knees while reaching over the foam roller for an item they want, like a toy. The roller sits in front of their knees and behind their elbows. When your child reaches for the toy the roller moves as they do, causing them to crawl and move forward. At Excellence Rehab this technique is used often, not just because it promotes movement but also because the child can push back on the roller and sit. 

Through many exercises like those mentioned previously, you can encourage your child to crawl safely. Physical therapy for children is a great way to improve their balance and motor skills as they begin to develop. We promote a healthy recovery and environment for our patients at Excellence Rehab, regardless of their reason for visiting. Physical therapy is always beneficial when done the right way and it doesn’t matter the reason why one might need it. 

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Creating a fun and positive environment for children as they learn how to navigate their world through the physical challenges they have is our top priority. Excellence Rehab is not just a facility limited to those who have suffered injuries or certain disabilities. As explained in the article, caregivers can seek our pediatric therapy services to encourage their child to crawl safely. The variety of services we offer, the level of expertise of our specialists, and the dedication to our patients is what makes Excellence Rehab the best rehabilitation facility in New York. 

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