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Occupational Therapy For Autism

Occupational Therapy For Autism

At its core, occupational therapy (OT) helps people improve their cognitive, physical, motor and social skills. With consistency OT can help a child with autism perform regular daily-life tasks, like chores, that might otherwise prove to be difficult for them. A child with autism can benefit from an OT program at Excellence Rehab because our specialists are the best in their field and can meet them where they are cognitively and help them progress and achieve their goals. 

Before considering an OT program, however, it’s vital to understand what the common signs of autism are and how to go about seeking help from one of our rehabilitation services near you. 

Autism Signs in Children

Because autism is a cognitive disorder that affects an individual’s social, motor, and sometimes physical skills, diagnosing it isn’t an easy task. There isn’t a simple test your child can take that will give you one clear answer. A diagnosis is based on many factors, including multiple developmental tests and assessments, as well as observation. The most important thing to remember is this: autism is a spectrum, not a definite do or don’t have it disorder. 

In children, there are many factors that can indicate they might be somewhere along the autism spectrum. One of the biggest is speech. Specifically, communicating nothing more than a few sentences or exhibiting little to no social engagement in any environment. Pediatric occupational therapy can help children with autism navigate these different levels of communication and social interaction. One of the areas our OT specialists focus on is motor control and coordination. 

If you suspect that your child struggles with autism, it is critical to visit a medical professional to get a proper diagnosis and then create a treatment plan that fits them best.  

OT and Autism

You might be wondering how occupational therapy can aid someone struggling with autism. The answer is rather simple. Since OT is generally focused on improving one’s cognitive skills, its practices and strategies can also be used to treat autism. 

Firstly, our specialists will evaluate your child to find what their current challenges are and then how they can then improve to eventually perform daily activities independently. We assess their strengths and weaknesses in all areas so that your child’s treatment plan is not just thorough but all encompassing. 

Autism signs in children can be somewhat confusing to identify especially if you have never encountered the disorder before. There are a number of treatments for autism and it can feel overwhelming when you first get a diagnosis. But at Excellence Rehab our staff not only works tirelessly to find the right treatment for your child, but also ensures that caregivers feel confident in understanding how to support their child. 

Pediatric occupational therapy is one of the many services we provide at Excellence Rehab and it works by properly assessing these signs and then curating a detailed course of action for your child. We believe in creating a healthy and fun environment for them as they grow more confident within themselves and achieve their goals. 

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We understand that the challenges autism presents to our patients and their families. That is why our licensed OT specialists are the best in the tristate area and will provide your child with unmeasurable care of the highest quality. If you’d like to consider OT as part of your child’s treatment plan, please visit our website to find one of our rehabilitation services nearest you.