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Treating a Child With Torticollis

Treating a Child With Torticollis

Waking up the morning after sleeping on your neck wrong can be one of the most bothersome things most of us have ever experienced. That first turn your head makes in the opposite direction sends a sharp pain down your neck and you grimace. Your entire day is spent making sure no sudden moves are made. However, what we experience as once in a while bad nights sleep, others experience more frequently and for much longer periods of time. This prolonged condition is called Torticollis.

Once properly diagnosed, however, torticollis is easily treatable with our specialized physical therapy services at Excellence Rehab.  

What is Torticollis and its Causes?

Torticollis is a rare condition that is commonly found in infants. Also known as Wryneck, torticollis is where the neck muscles contract and cause the head to twist to one side. This muscle is called the sternocleidomastoid and it runs down both sides of the neck, from the back of the ears to the collarbone.

Currently, the cause of torticollis is unknown although there are many factors that increase an infant’s chances of developing this condition. For example, certain tools that are used during childbirth such as forceps or a vacuum, could increase the baby’s chances of developing torticollis. Another factor could be the positioning of the baby within the uterus. Sometimes being cramped or if they are in an unusual position altogether could lead to this condition. 

What are the Signs?

How do you know if your child suffers from torticollis? To get a proper diagnosis you will need to visit your physician for a physical exam. However, there are some common symptoms to look for. 

Firstly, a child with torticollis will turn their head to one side consistently and are unable to turn it very far if at all in the other direction. Another symptom is that they favor looking at you over one shoulder instead of following you with their eyes and turning their head. 

If you breastfeed, the child will struggle feeding from one side and will prefer the side their head turns toward the most. In other cases, some babies develop a small lump on their neck as a result of a swollen or tense muscle.

Treatment for Torticollis

Thankfully, torticollis can go away on its own or be treated with simple pediatric rehab exercises over time. How much time is highly individualized, though the most common recovery timeline is up to six months or longer. 

There are a variety of treatment options for torticollis outside of stretching exercises. They include neck collars, heat and ultrasound therapy, physical therapy, and for extreme cases surgery. At Excellence Rehab we have a number of treatment options provided by the best pediatric specialists in the tristate area. Specifically our staff in the physical therapy department deliver detailed, highly individualized treatment plans for our patients. 

Regardless of which treatment plan you choose, torticollis is a condition that can be eliminated relatively easily with time.  

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