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Common Signs Your Child Needs Behavioral Therapy

Common Signs Your Child Needs Behavioral Therapy

Pediatric behavioral therapy is one of the many services we offer at Excellence Rehab. Our board certified specialists aim to create a healthy recovery environment for children while providing them with the best care in the tristate area. Our approach to behavioral therapy focuses on taking a child’s negative thoughts and turning them into positively productive ones. 

Mental health knows no age restrictions and it’s important to know what signs your child might express to show that their mental health may need support.  

Before You See a Behavioral Therapist

To be blunt, a temper tantrum every now and again is not cause for behavioral therapy. There are many factors that parents must consider before seeking medical assistance. It is normal for your child to exhibit feelings of anger or sadness. Just like adults, children’s emotions are constantly changing and evolving. 

One factor that may impact a child’s mental health is their environment. Have they changed schools lately? What is the family dynamic like at home? Did they lose a loved one? All of these circumstances can put a child in emotional distress and they are more aware of these environmental changes than parents often think. If your child is experiencing these shifts then that could lead to a change in their behavior. 

Other factors include their age and level of development. Even though some parents might like to read all of the books in the world about child development, there aren’t enough to prepare you for your child’s specific personality. Children come in various ways with even more unique identities. This means that what the world defines as normal stages of development, your child might not go through those stages at the same time or even in the same order as others. Therefore, it is important to consider their social skills and age when determining if their behavior requires pediatric therapy services.  

When You Need To Visit Excellence Rehab 

After you have considered the factors mentioned above there are some additional signs to watch out for when seeking behavioral therapy. 

Firstly, children with behavioral issues might bang their heads constantly against objects or people. They might also repeatedly bite, hit, or kick. This is not to be confused with feelings of anger or sadness, as some children might react in this way. However, if the specific behavior seems out of place and has been occurring for a while then that might be a behavioral issue. 

Now, sometimes a behavioral change might not be sudden at all. Your child could be responding to environmental changes or trauma. In this case, it’s important to evaluate what these changes were and seek support from Excellence Rehab and physical therapy.

How You Can Support Your Child

At Excellence Rehab we understand that it might be uncomfortable for some parents to talk to a stranger about their child’s behavior. We are aware of the negative stigma surrounding not just mental health but parenting children with behavioral challenges. It is our top priority to not just break these stigmas, but to provide our patients and their families with a positive and healthy therapeutic environment. 

Pediatric behavioral therapy can be a daunting task for both patients and their parents. But at Excellence Rehab we offer a variety of treatments from board certified specialists that are at the top of their field. We take pride in redefining therapy for children in not just the behavioral space but also in the physical, occupational, sensory, and speech spaces as well. We understand that each and every child is unique and requires the best care from the best New York has to offer.

Why You Should Choose Excellence Rehab!

Excellence Rehab offers many pediatric therapy services to ensure that each child’s specific needs are met. We offer one-on-one treatment plans to ensure a thorough evaluation of your child’s behavior. This way you can be at ease knowing that no corners are being cut when it comes to your child’s care. All of our strategies are scientific based and up-to-date so that together we can improve your child’s ability to function. 

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